Digital Communication

Communication is arguably the most important ingredient in your school's recipe for success. School stakeholders depend on your vision, your guidance, and your leadership in order to function efficiently and effectively. 

Branding Your School: First impressions are critical, right?
Guiding Questions: Who are you? What are your core beliefs? What are your priority goals?

School Website & Social Media
  • Images that capture the essence of your school
  • Accessibility to hot ticket links
  • Vision, Mission, & Values
iMovies, Vimeos, and More
Disseminating Information: So much to share, so little time.
Guiding Questions: Who is your audience? What type of communication tool is most appropriate?

  • Updates & Alerts
  • School News
  • Noteworthy Events
  • A Peek Inside Classrooms
  • Referral Forum; Website, Blogger, Broadcasts, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Celebrations
  • Event Recaps
  • School Happenings
iMovies, Vimeos, and More

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